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Sitting in SF right now checking the emails and getting ready to head over to the SF HTML5 User Group this evening where Faruk Ates, creator of Modernizr, will be giving a talk on some of the great features in Modernizr 2.  It will be interesting to see how Microsoft utilizes technologies and frameworks such as Modernizr to ensure a reasonably powerful development platform for Metro style apps v. those targeted at a web browser.  My prediction is that traditional HTML5/JS/CSS3 designers/devs will need to learn a whole new set of tricks to create really compelling Windows 8 applications.  At Vertigo we plan on leading the charge into this specialized approach.

I’ll be in the city roaming the coffee shops and then grabbing dinner prior so if you’re around and want to say hello please drop me a note: kurt[at]vertigodotcom.

POSTED September 29, 2011           

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