Fast Company – Netflix: The Red Menace


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While away this past weekend I’ve had the luxury of catching up on a few months of magazines that have been stacking up around the house. In January’s issue of Fast Company, Nicole Laporte has a nice article about Netflix, Netflix: The Red Menace,  and it’s influence on the Hollywood scene. I’ve always wondered how a company up in Los Gatos works deep within an established entertainment culture with deep roots in Southern California. Turns out they have their own action team on the ground led by Ted Sarados, their Chief Content Officer. Sarados and his team work to secure distribution of Netflix’s content as well as set the course for their original programming. You can also find a compact article over at The Atlantic which summarizes a recent talk of Sarados’ that includes such nuggets as “We don’t do anything that’s live. We don’t do anything that is over at some point.” Just like with most businesses, Netflix and it’s content is secured and built on relationships, and a whole lot of $, and Netflix seems to have both established within the Hollywood and entertainment scene.

POSTED February 9, 2014           

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