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This past week The Internship arrived from the top of the Netflix queue at the Brockett household and for the first time I got a heavy dose of the Fox Digital HD branding. In the trailers and prior to the feature each of the films led with Fox Digital HD. My interest was piqued and I dug around a little further today.

Summary: Fox Digital HD is a mainly a branding play.


At first I thought Fox Digital HD may be a direct competitor to UltraViolet but after digging around I ended up on I think it’s a smart move to brand the overall initiative of getting movies out on digital platforms prior to Bluray release. There are so many services out there that offer movies and this umbrella allows Fox to promote the movies on those platforms without specifically calling out one over the other. For instance here is the slug for the upcoming “The Wolverine” release:

wolverineUltraViolet is simply another method for getting a Fox Digital HD movie. The advantage of UV is that it is a little more of a headless alternative to buying everything on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, etc. Fox actually has a site dedicated to explaining UV and Digital HD which you can find here: Overall I’m not sure it’s clear how consumers should go about “owning” the movies they want to keep for all time. On the music side of the house, high quality MP3s seem like a safe bet and with Amazon leading the way with the Amazon MP3 store there is a legitimate easy way to buy non-DRM tracks. I wonder if movies will ever get that far. For now, at the Brockett house, we simply rent movies through Netflix or AppleTV and buy on Bluray the rare ones we want to have on hand, which mainly means Pixar/Disney movies and classic Baseball movies, SURPRISE!

POSTED December 2, 2013           

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