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I’m down here at //build in Anaheim and my main goal as business development manager is to take what we’re hearing this week and translate that into a “here’s what you need to do to be ready for Windows 8″ for our customers.  Part of that is just figuring out the language and buzzwords to use and ensure they match the message coming from Redmond.  The first task is to figure out what the “Start” screen apps will be called.  Many of our customers will have a combination of projects which include just native “XAML” apps that run in a traditional desktop, a Metro style app or a combination of the two experiences.

I want to focus on the Metro style app.  From what I can piece together that’s what the apps will be called. I’m going to run with that until corrected.  So far it’s shown up in two places that I can find.  I’ll try and update this post as the week continues with additional references or official notes.

Want to get ahead of the curve and start creating a Metro style app?  Drop us a line –

UPDATE: Added two more pix.  We got a poster print out of the UI stack that references Metro Style Apps (first cap instance of Style Apps).  Second is from the expo hall signage.

After reading Daring Fireball’s take on Metro my money is on “Metro” carrying a brand flag when launch comes around ala iOS.

UPDATE 2: And if you are ready to build your first Metro style app MSDN has posted the Hello World documentation:

Dev Center for uploading and finding app samples

Screen grab from Day 1 Keynote showing Certification/App Details process

From UI stack poster

Signage in the Expo Hall

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